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Clarity: Hierarchy Time Scaled Value Configuration generates SER-0104 error for default TSV Rolling Date [--Select--] value


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When creating a Time Scaled Field on the Hierarchy Tab, the Rolling Date field is not marked as required. If you create a field and do not select a value other than the default '[--Select--]', an error is thrown (SER-0104: The Hierarchy was not retrieved) when you click 'Submit' button.

This issue occurs for both Programs and Projects
        Hierarchy Financial Rollup page (service.billOfInvestments)
        Hierarchy Effort Rollup page (service.billOfWorkList)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Main Application : Programs

  2. Select a Program (click Program Name hyperlink)

  3. Click 'Hierarchy' tab > Financial Rollup page (service.billOfInvestmentsList)

  4. From the [--Actions--] pull down menu, click 'Configure'

  5. List Column Section : Fields > Click 'New' button

  6. Select Time Scaled Value (TSV) > click 'Submit' button

  7. Select attributes such as 'Actuals for Labor Resources' and 'ETC for Labor Resources'

    Column Label = 'Weekly Usage'
    Time Scale = Weekly
    Number of Periods = 4

    Note: Start Date automatically defaults to Rolling Date = [--Select--]
    ( Leave blank to use current period start )

  8. Click 'Submit' button

  9. Click 'Save and Exit' button

Expected Result: The TSV should begin with the current weekly period as defined in the personalized configuration.
Actual Result: Red Error Message appears 'SER-0104: The hierarchy was not retrieved'.



  1. Click browser 'back' button (once) to return to the Configure: List Column Fields page

  2. Click the 'properties' icon for the [virtual] TSV field you created to return to the Time Scaled Value Column Settings configuration page

  3. Select a value for the Rolling Start Date = 'Start of Current Week'

  4. Click 'Submit' button

  5. Click 'Save and Exit' button


This issue has been documented as CLRT-50576, and is assigned to development for review. If you are experiencing this problem and the workaround above does not significantly help, please contact CA Clarity Support.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-50576, npt.gridUserTimeScaledColumn, service.billOfInvestmentsList, investmenthierarchy, service.billOfWorkList, service.billOfInvestmentsList, studio.


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus