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Manual install of EIAM (eTrust Identity and Access Management) in a CA SWCM(Software Compliance Management) environment returns:Etrust directory failed to install. Aborting install.


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If you run the installation of eTrust Identity and Access Management (eIAM) outside of the SwCM installation, you may receive a message indicating that the CA eTrust directory failed and the installation will stop.

If you then review the etrdir_install.log file, you will see the following entry at the end of the log:

INFO - Error - The Administrator username <username> is not valid for Ingres. Please view the readme for more details regarding valid usernames for the eTrust Directory installation

You receive this message because eIAM utilizes an eTrust directory that uses a database named Ingres. Ingres has a character restriction for the login user name. If the user name for the local administrator account has been renamed, it must use the following criteria:

- The user name can only use alphanumeric characters and the following symbols:
at symbol ( @ ), dollar sign ( $ ), underscore ( _ ), and number sign ( # ) in the user name
- You cannot specify a password beginning with the at symbol ( @ ), the number sign ( # ), the dollar sign ( $ ), or the numbers zero ( 0 ) through 9.

By following these standards, the eIAM installation will work correctly.


Release: ETRIA199000-8.4-Embedded Entitlements Manager