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Clarity: When entering allocation in a daily or weekly TSV view on save the data disappears and then after a minute or so the data displays as expected


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On the Resource Allocation Detail view if you have the Timescale set to Daily or Weekly, when you go into Edit Mode and enter values, on save the values disappear. If you refresh the view after about a 1/2 or so the values now display.

We have a feature called "InstaSlice". It quickly slices a VERY small chunk of data when that data changes. It is meant as a quick way to get some slice data available without the overhead of the larger Time Slice job running.

We are caching a timeframe in memory that gets out of date if the server is up for a long time.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install Clarity and PMO with seed data.

  2. Setup Clarity so datamart job will run.

  3. Create a project that is a week long starting today.

  4. Add a Resource to the project with allocation.

  5. Run Datamart Extraction job.

  6. Schedule timeslice job to run every minute.

  7. Wait two weeks without restarting the application service.

  8. Go to the Team detail view and change the timescale to Daily for 21 days.

  9. Go into Edit Mode.

  10. Enter 8 hours daily on the workdays.

  11. Click Save.

Expected Result: To see 8 hours each workday.

Actual Result: Restart the Clarity application services weekly.

Restart the Clarity application service.

Resolved in Clarity 12.1.1

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-57489, TSV, Allocation, clarity12resolved, clarity1211resolved, timescale view, Data, Blank.


Component: PROJECTS