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How to change a resource status in Clarity?


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On the application side resources are activated by default when they get created. A resource with the "Active" status can be assigned to projects at any time.

On the Admin side this resource will show up as LOCKED, (not be able to login), and will become active once this status is changed from LOCK to Active.


To change a resource's status access the ADMIN side of Clarity by clicking on the wrench:

  1. Select Resources from the Organization and Access menu.

  2. Click the name of the resource whose status you want to change.

    Choose the resource's status from the Status drop-down.


    • Active. Activates and enables the resource for assignment projects.

    • Inactive. Deactivates and prevents the resource from being assigned to projects.

    • Lock. Prevents the resource from logging in to CA Clarity PPM. (controlled by Admin).

      Default: Active (app side)

  3. Click Save and Exit.

    Your changes are saved.


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