After implementing the CSSMTP mail server introduced with z/OS 1.11, some of my alert emails generated by Netmaster are failing with EDC5147I ILLEGAL BYTE SEQUENCE. (ERRNO2=0X000004AB).


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Customers implement the CSSMTP mail server under z/OS 1.11. Afterwards, they notice they fail to receive all alert emails from Netmaster. Looking in the CSSMTP server logs , they see some alert emails are successful, but others fail with EDC5147I ILLEGAL BYTE SEQUENCE. (ERRNO2=0X000004AB).


Apply CSSMTP fix for IBM CSSMTP APAR PM19266.

APAR description can be found at:

A null segment found at the end of a logical record causes the next record to not be read, resulting in the Illegal Byte Sequence error. The manifestation of this problem is random depending on where the null segment falls within the alert text. If it is at the end of a logical record, the problem occurs.


Release: ESBNSP99000-11.6-NetSpy-Premier Support