How to limit the list of DISTRIBUTION ID'S on a Deliver reprint to the requestor only?


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This document will present the way to eliminate all DISTRIBUTION ID'S when executing a reprint of a Deliver report in ALL or EXPO mode.


Reprinting a Deliver report in ALL or EXPO mode will list all Distribution Ids associated with the report.

                      CA View ALL ----------- CA Deliver Reprint Attributes -----
                      Command ===>                                              
                      ID     ---> NEW-REPORT                                  
                      Job    ---> STICH01F    Jobid  ---> JOB35608            
                      Print All Distids   ===>N                                
                    Distribution Specifications:                               
                    Sel Grp Distid                           Num Out Dest       
                            USER11                            1   Y           
                            USER2                             1   N           
                            USER1                             1   N           
******************************* Bottom of Data *************************************

A feature is available to list only the DISTID of the originator on the reprint request.

In CA View 2.0 this ability was implemented with special APAR LS45272.

In CA View r11.5 the ability is activated by setting FEATURE=14 in the initialization parameters with PTF RO21611 applied.


Release: CMASLI00200-11.5-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser