What can cause a S0C4 abend in RESTORE jobs after operating system changes?
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What can cause a S0C4 abend in RESTORE jobs after operating system changes?


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Vision:Results Vision:Sixty



If RESTORE jobs that invoke COBOL subroutines fail after operating system changes, this may provide a clue.


Whether the VISION:Results job executes OPTION RESTORE to execute a module created from a FREEZE or a standalone Compile and Go, when COBOL subroutines are involved, you must establish the proper environment. It is well documented in the publications and other knowledge documents that when VISION:Results applications invoke COBOL subroutines, the LE environment must be considered. If the COBOL routine is compiled with a non-LE compliant COBOL, then the relevant DYLINSTL parameters settings are LE=N,COBENV=Y. Conversely, if the COBOL routine is LE compliant, then the correct settings are LE=Y,COBENV=N. Matching these 2 DYLINSTL parameters resolves the problem in most cases.

There were a few bugs we ironed out with PTFs and it is always recommended to have all the current maintenance applied.

However, if the problem remains after applying the current maintenance and matching the DYLINSTL parameters, check the operating system settings.

If STACK is set to ANYWHERE, the operating system will acquire storage above the 16MB line if possible, which is not compatible with the old COBOL.

When non ?LE compliant COBOL routines are used, then be sure both the CEE parm of ALL31 is set to OFF and STACK is set to BELOW.


Component: V:60