PXG009 in VM:Secure updating a directory entry
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PXG009 in VM:Secure updating a directory entry


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Mainframe VM Product Manager VM:Manager Suite for Linux on Mainframe VM:Manager Suite for z/VM VM SUITE


VM:Secure had an abend with a PXG009 error message when updating a directory entry. 

The full text of the error message was:

CA VM:Secure system abend PXG009 occurred at 0008279A.


Component: VMX


In this case, the ALLOC MAP on the sysres volume was re-written while VM:Secure was active.


Rewritting the ALLOC MAP is not allowed when VM:Secure is up.

This error will typically cause VM:Secure to go down and automatically restart itself. That will clear the problem. If VM:Secure does not restart automatically, then do a Source start.

Additional Information

From the VM:Secure Administration Guide:

CA VM:Secure rewrites the volume allocation map on the object directory volume each time a directory is updated, caching information from that area.

To change anything affecting cylinder 0 of the volume, such as reallocating the volume using the CPFMTXA utility or relabeling the volume, perform the following steps:

1.    Bring CA VM:Secure down.

2.    Perform the activity to change the allocation map or label of the volume.

3.    To have CA VM:Secure pick up the new allocation information, reinitialize CA VM:Secure using the SOURCE operand.