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How do I tell whether or not display conditions or secured subpages are being used for user configured views on a given grid portlet?


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When a grid portlet is configured by a user outside of the Clarity Admin Tool menu, Clarity will create a copy of the portlet and create a new record in the cmn_grids table. This separate instance of the system portlet can have its own configuration. This is a powerful feature, however, it can also result in a separate set of configurations for each user, compared to the system.

How do I determine what users have configured their attribute value protection (display conditions/secured subpages)?


The cmn_grids table contains a column called, "use_display_conds_for_security", which stores the value of the attribute value protection setting. The valid values are:

0 - Only use secured sub-pages security.
1 - Use display conditions and secured sub-pages. 
2 - Display all records (do not use secured sub-pages are display conditions.)

To show the grid records for the portlet in question, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Access the grid (list) portlet.
  2. Examine the url and note the action code:

e.g. for this url, http://myserver/niku/app?action=pma.ideaList , the action would be "pma.ideaList"

  • Run a select query on the cmn_grids table, using the action from step 2.
  • e.g. select id, principal_id, use_display_conds_for_security from cmn_grids where code = 'pma.ideaList' and principal_type = 'USER'

    note: For this query the principal_type indicates that the grid record is a user configured one. The principal_id is the user id from the cmn_sec_users table.


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