Client Automation - How to change the CIC (Content Import Client) download interval?


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By default, the CIC service downloads the software content every 24 hours. How can this interval be changed?


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The CIC software content download either runs as a service or as an Engine Job.

If CIC is configured to run as an Engine job then the download can be scheduled by clicking on the 'Default Software Contents Download Job' in the DSM Explorer and selecting the 'Scheduling' tab.

If CIC is running as a service then with the following steps the download interval of 24 hours can be changed:

  1. Stop the 'CA Content Import Client' service in the windows service control panel (services.msc).
  2. Edit config.xml file in the \cic\conf folder with an editor like wordpad.
  3. In the section <content_server_connection_property> change the property <connectIntervalMinutes>1440</connectIntervalMinutes>. For example changing the value from 1440 to 720 changes the download from once a day to twice a day.
  4. Save config.xml.
  5. Start the 'CA Content Import Client' service.