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Reports generated from Report Center shows blank data for a larger duration even after increasing the data retention time for Statistics Rollup


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CA eHealth


In general standard eHealth reports and eHealth Live Health uses polled data, while Report Center custom reports and queries uses the time-aligned data samples.

Report Center creates time-aligned (also called regularized) data when the Report Center installation program runs and starts a process based on the statistics data that eHealth collects during polling. This data helps to ensure that reports show consistent data samples, use correct formatting, and provide more equal comparisons for behavior or performance over time.

By default, when Report Center is installed eHealth it will create NH_REG tables for Report Center data, following the current eHealth Statistics Rollup schedule i.e, if as-polled statistics data is being retained for 2 days, then Report Center's rollup schedule will be set accordingly.

The various types of time-aligned data samples are stored in the following tables:

NH_Reg0 - Normal poll increments (The default is 5 minute samples.)
NH_Reg1 - Hourly increments
NH_Reg2 - Daily increments
NH_Reg_Fast - Fast-polled increments

If the Statistics Rollup schedule is then altered at some point after Report Center has been installed, eHealth will not automatically alter Report Center's rollup schedule. This must be done by using nhModifyTimeAlignSettings.

Please refer to TEC516325 for detailed instruction on the same.

Please note that by running nhModifyTimeAlignSettings, eHealth will not automatically bring over any additional stats data to the Report Center tables, but simply as data is populated into the NH_REG tables from that point forward, eHealth stops ageing out data until the new rollup duration is reached.


Component: EHRPTC