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Caf does not start the sdagent and amagent plugins automatically


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After a caf start, sdagent (sd_jexec.exe) and amagent are not immediately started.

An assigned job to a client without the Job-Option: "Jobcheck trigger by Server" does not work.

After a caf stop/start or a reboot the agent should start the Job automatically. But, the job stays in active status and nothing happens.

Only if we trigger jobcheck manually, the installation starts.

In Release R11.2 this was working fine without problems.


The following parameter was changed in r12 from 0 to 5400.

DSM -> common components -> CAF -> Scheduler -> Registration refresh scheduled job -> Caf scheduler : Random now time

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Figure 1

What this means is the registration plugin will not be started immediately as soon as CAF is started.

It will be started at a random interval of 1 to 5400 seconds. (i.e., it will be started within 90 minutes of starting CAF).

Therefore, the sdagent and amagent plugins are automatically started after the startup of caf with a delay random time between 1 and 5400 seconds.

In R11.2 there was no random delay and so sdagent and amagent plugins were started immediately at startup of caf.

But there could be a problem if hundreds of DSM Agents start at the same time in the morning. The Scalability Server could be overloaded with hundreds of connection requests. This is why a random delay of 5400 has been introduced in r12.

If there are a limited number of agents starting at the same time, it is possible to decrease the value of "Caf scheduler : Random now time" in configuration policy.

For example the default computer policy could be changed to 600 seconds:

DSM -> common components -> CAF -> Scheduler -> Registration refresh scheduled job -> Caf scheduler : Random now time = 600

Sdagent and amaget plugins will be started at caf startup after a random delay of 10 minutes.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence


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