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How to localize smpwservices.fcc with SiteMinder?


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smpwservices.fcc does not support internationalization but supports localization, one language at the time.

  • On the Webagent box you have to create a specific folder (web_agent_home/samples/formsLOCALE) based on an existing one (web_agent_home/samples/forms).

  • Translate FCC files and in the desired language.

  • Make a reference to this path in your password policy definition.


Localize FCC-based Password Services Change Forms

You can localize the user messages for FCC-based Password Services. The following process for modifying FCC-based Password Services works for any locale:

  1. Create a new FCC folder on the web server for a new locale or use an existing folder if appropriate for your locale. The naming convention for the folder is formslocale.

  2. Place a copy of the relevant Password Services files in the new folder.

  3. Modify the files to accommodate the locale, such as changing the English messages to the language for your locale. Repeat this step for all of the files that you will use in the locale.

  4. In the Policy Server User Interface, change the value of the Redirection URL field in the Password Policy.

For example, to use FCC Password Services for Japanese users, put a copy of the following files in the folder formsja, located in web_agent_home/samples:

    * smpwservices.fcc, located in web_agent_home/samples/forms
    * smpwservices.unauth, located in web_agent_home/samples/forms
    * A new properties file,

When the webagent does not find the matching smpwservices<locale>.properties file, it will look for file so it will display english message.

If you do not have the file then you will get an error in the agent log saying "[Error getting User Message.]".

This is the certified localization.


Component: SMIIS