How to eliminate extra CSECT being added to CICS map?


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The Panvalet load module auditor will automatically add a date/time stamp CSECT to the end of assembler modules. This will cause problems with CICS maps. Here are the alternatives.


There are 3 alternatives methods to eliminate the addition of the CSECT:

  1. Remove the "END" statement as the last line of the map or move it from starting in column 10.

  2. Define the map as language type DATA.

  3. Modify the load module auditor exits to bypass a CICS map. There are 2 exits: EFF001 is used by PAN#1 and PVLMAUD is used by the Panvalet subsystem. I CICS map can be identified by macro statements that start with DFH. For documentation on these exits see The System Services Guide.


Release: PVALET00200-14.5-Panvalet