How to cold start CA Workload Automation (CA WA) and what happens after cold start?
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How to cold start CA Workload Automation (CA WA) and what happens after cold start?


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If CA Workload Automation shuts down improperly, it can result in inconsistencies in the database. This can result in several issues, such as events not triggering properly to server shutdown.

Cold start is then required to clear these inconsistencies and errors in the database.


To do a cold start of CA Workload Automation, rename the to in the install directory. 
Start the CA WA.
Note: For high availability configuration, do this on both servers.

Cold start will do the following:

  1. Clear out current and active workflow only.
  2. The Monitor perspective will not show any application, since active workflow has been cleared out which includes FAILED and COMPLETED generations.
  3. No new event will be triggered after cold start. User can manually trigger them or issue SCHEDULEALLEVENTS command from CLI.
  4. All the historical data (completed jobs) is still kept intact, they are just not visible in Monitor perspective.
  5. All the events data is still intact.  Users can navigate to Services -> Events and see all the events.

Users can query ESP_APPLICATION table in the CA WA database to see all the historical data. Here is a query that will select all the rows from the defined date:
(Note: Change '06-NOV-10' to date that is more suitable.)

All events can be triggered with SCHEDULEALLEVENTS from CLI. This will only schedule all the events, and NOT trigger them. Events will trigger as per schedule.
If a user executes SCHEDULEALLEVENTS at 1PM, then an event that is supposed to trigger at 02:00 p.m., will get scheduled to run at 02:00 p.m. It will not execute at 01:00 p.m.


Release: CAWAS999000-11.1-Workload Automation-Agent for Application Services