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A MIM APAR has been installed, but it is not correcting the problem.


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A MIM APAR is received and applied in an SMP/E environment. Typically, the patched module is then copied to an APF-authorized load library that is used for testing MIM. If testing of the APAR shows that the problem still exists, it may be because the patched module has 1 or more alias modules that were not also copied to the load library.


Occasionally, a MIM APAR is written for a load module that has 1 or more alias modules defined. When copying any MIM load module from an SMP/E environment to an APF-authorized load library, it is important that the module along with all of its alias modules be copied.

An example of this problem happened with MIM 11.6 APAR QO93610 (test fix TDB6018). This fix is for MIM module MIMDRGQ1. MIMASCRE, MIMDRBGN, MIMGR, and MIMSYNTX are all alias modules for MIMDRGQ1. In some cases, MIMDRGQ1 was copied to an APF-authorized load library without also copying the alias modules. This resulted in the same problem occurring that QO93610 is supposed to fix. Once the alias modules were copied, the problem was corrected.

A check for alias names for MIM load modules can be done by simply using ISPF Browse to view the load library. The column called Alias-of identifies alias modules.


Release: MTIMGA00200-11.7-MIA-Tape Sharing