Error: "The system was unable to log you in. Please make sure the provided credentials are right."


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The following error appears when testing the connection from Unified Self-Service to Service Desk Manager datasource:

The system was unable to log you in. Please make sure the provided credentials are right.

In addition to the previous error, the following error messages is logged in wrapper-tomcat.log: Error: invalid login policy encryption


The certificate is old and expired. In Service Desk Manager server the pdm_pki has been run to create a new PKI certificate, causing the previous certificate to expire.


Unified Self-Service (USS) 14.1 and later Service Desk Manager (SDM) 14.1 and later


Follow the steps below to load the new PKI certificate into Unified Self-Service for Service Desk Manager:

1) Log into an SDM Server where you have the new pki file (CASM_POLICY.p12 file)

2) Open a browser and log into one USS node as casmadmin or similar > Settings > Datasources > Expand CA Service Desk Manager > click on "Upload Certificate" > Search for the CASM_POLICY.p12 file

3) Click on test connection > ensure test connection is successful and click Save.

4) If there are multiple USS nodes, repeat the step 1 to 3 for the other USS nodes.

Example of a successful connection:

Additional Information

How to configure the integration between Service Catalog and CA SDM: Doc KB000005697
How to configure Service Desk and Service Catalog integration so that to open service desk ticket link within a catalog request correctly: Doc kb000009839

USS auto integration with SDM failed: Doc kb000046066

If a new SDM policy file CASM_POLICY.p12 was created on the SDM server, follow below additional steps if the original steps above did not resolve the issue: 

1) Restart SDM 
2) Copy the correct CASM_POLICY.p12 file to USS node. 
3) Stop USS, 
4) Search for *.p12 in C:\Program Files\CA\Self Service\OSOP 
5) There should be a CASM_POLICY.p12 file here: C:\Program Files\CA\Self Service\OSOP\shared\aquila_temp\10196 
6) Move it over to a backup folder and delete the file 
7) Restart USS 
8) From a browser machine (copy the correct CASM_POLICY.p12 file to the browser machine first), try to configure the SDM data source again now with the correct CASM_POLICY file.


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