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How to change the default timezone for Report Center.


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CA eHealth



Issue: We can change individual user time zone settings in Report Center, can the user change the default time zone for Report Center?

Fact: eHealth 6.1
Fact: eHealth 6.2
Fact: eHealth 6.2.1

Cause: Report Center (Cognos 8) Content Manager is configured to use the time zone of the operating system by default during installation. All scheduled activities Cognos 8 are set using this time zone. In addition, users in use this time zone if they set their preferences for the default time zone. If user changes the OS time zone later, the Report Center time zone differs from the OS time zone.


Fix: The default time zone for Report Center/Cognos can be changed via following steps:

  1. Launch the Cognos Configuration application:

    • For Windows server, run $NH_HOME\crn\bin\cogconfig.bat
    • For Solaris or HP-UX, run $NH_HOME/crn/bin/ from an X Window

  2. Once Cognos Configuration application starts, click the Actions menu, and then click Edit Global Configuration

  3. In the Global Configuration window, click the Server tab

  4. Click the Value column for Server time zone and select your preferred time zone from the list, and then click OK

  5. From the File menu, click Save.

  6. From the File menu, click Exit. The pop up window asks for restarting 'eHealth Report Center' service. Click Yes, and wait for the restart to finish.


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements