OPSMVS TNEMEVT2 exit verification procedure
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OPSMVS TNEMEVT2 exit verification procedure


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SOLVE:Operations Automation SOLVE:Access Session Management SOLVE:FTS OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation SOLVE


  1. Check your /cai hfs directory using the Ls -l in your path. A sample display would be similar to:
    -rwxrwxr-x aps- 1 AUTOMAT AUTOMATG 40960 Aug 12 15:32 TNEMEVT2 <=== OPS version-rwxrwxr-x --s- 1 AUTOMAT AUTOMATG 77824 May 16 2003 libemevt2.so <=== dummy version
  2. The OPS version should be around 40960 bytes, if it is 77000 or so you didn't install the opsmvs version. Also verify the link libemevt2.so points to the correct

  3. Check the result of the command ls -E issued from OMVS when positioned in your /cai/tngfw/lib or similar directory. This will show if the hard link is correct between libemevt2.so and TNEMEVT2. You can tell if it's right if the sizes and dates are the same. The dummy version is 77824 in size. The OPS version is much smaller. If the sizes/dates don't match, the best thing to do is to delete TNEMEVT2 and run the OPS job INSTUSEX to install it correctly. Then check again with the ls -E command.


Component: SOPMVS