When using autosyslog -e, Invalid argument error


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When using autosyslog -e command returns the following error:

$ autosyslog -e
/opt/CA/UnicenterAutoSysJM/autouser/out/event_demon.PRD: Invalid argument
exec $AUTOSYS/bin/astail -f  failed as well with the same error.


General notes/troubleshooting:

The 'astail' command is a stripped down version of the tail command. It functions as the 'tail -f' option. The main purpose is to handle the AutoSys midnight log file rollover. If/when the log file is moved/renamed and a new file created with the old name, this command automatically re-invokes a new 'tail -f' command on that new file.

Check the environment variables $AUTOSYS and $AUTOUSER. These must be set correctly in your environment for autosyslog to correctly find the astail exe and the log file it is to display. Also make sure the id being used has permissions to view the log. Check the directories and files from the parent to the file itself and check the as-control policy in EEM if EEM is being used for autosys security.

As a workaround one may edit the autosyslog script from:

exec $AUTOSYS/bin/astail -f
exec tail -f

If for some reason autosyslog and/or astail will not run on a specific operating system, even after verifying the above, we encourage you to contact CA support and report the problem.


Component: ATSYS