Can Identity Manager and Site Minder share the same report server?
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Can Identity Manager and Site Minder share the same report server?


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Whether Identity Manager and Site Minder can or cannot share the same report server depends on a number of factors that are explained in this document. It depends on the version of the products, the version of the report server and the order of installation.


As Site Minder is using the report server beginning with version 12.0, this procedure is not supported for any 6.x Site Minder versions.

  • Per latest versions of both products:

    Site Minder 12.0 SP3 supports CA BI (i.e. the name of the CA rebranded report server) version 2.1. Identity Manager 12.5 SP4 supports CA BI 2.1 and CABI 3.0. Site Minder is on a road map to support CA BI 3.0 by summer of 2011.

  • You will see that Identity Manager's support matrix gives indication of the CA BI versions mentioned while the Site Minder support matrix doesn't. This is again because Site Minder is newer to utilizing the reports server, however this document confirms that only CA BI 2.1 is currently supported (see version above).

  • Only CA BI 3.0 was tested with Windows 2008 64-bit. CA BI 2.1 wasn't.

  • So, at the moment the only option to use a common report server for both products will be CA BI 2.1 on win 2003 (32-bit). It may change in the future, but this is currently the situation.

  • Regarding how to integrate the reports under a single server:

    As said, at the moment the only option to implement a common report server is for our latest versions of IM and SM with CA BI 2.1 on Win 2003. In the future CA BI 3.0 on Win 2008 64-bit is going to be supported as well, but not at present.


    There appears to be a difference between how Site Minder works with the report server and how IM works with it. Site Minder installs some 'adapters' to the report server. Identity Manager doesn't install them and doesn't need them. The reason why this is important is for the order of integration:

    The only way to integrate the products with a reports server, is to use a Site Minder report server and then import the Identity Manager reports over to it.

    The reverse: Taking an Identity Manager reporting server and importing the Site Minder reports to it -> will not work. The reason is the adapters that are needed for Site Minder reports which do not exist in an Identity Manager server.


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