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Easy methods to restrict commands from the Autosys Command Line Interface.


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I would like to allow my WCC users to execute autorep, autoping and autoflags. While preventing ALL other commands from the Autosys Command Line Interface. How can I do this?


Component: ETRDIR


One way to accomplish this is to delete everything from the C:\Program Files\CA\SC\iTechnology\AutoSysCommandISponsorFilters.txt file except autorep, autoping and autoflags. ($IGW_LOC/AutoSysCommandIsponsorFilters.txt in unix). AutoSysCommandISponsorFilters.txt is a file installed with the Command Line Sponsor on AutoSys machines, typically the scheduler and/or application servers. The Command Line Sponsor is allowed to attempt to run any command listed within the file. Removing the entries only limits your ability to execute those commands via WCC thru the Command Line Sponsor. The command would still be available to be run outside of WCC.

An alternative method is to adjust the Command Setup and Command Execute policies for WCC within EEM.