Parameterized Lookup in filter selection shows no results


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Using a Parameterized Lookup in a filter selection does not allow for a specific combination of attributes in the filter, the same combination can be set in the object instances.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create the dynamic lookup (user-defined) CL_PROGRAM_BROWSE

  2. Create static lookup (user-defined) CP_PORTFOLIO_PROGRAM

  3. Create two attributes on the idea object:
    att1: Based on Lookup of step 2
    att2: Based on lookup of step 1, in the Lookup Parameter Mappings section associate portfolio_id_constrain with att1

  4. Add the attributes to the edit/create views as necesary to create idea instances with values populated in att1 and att2

  5. Add both attributes to the idea filter

  6. Navigate to Idea filter and make a selection for att1

Expected Result: att2 to show a selection of values based on att1.
Actual Result: att2 shows no results.


Resolved in Clarity 12.1.0