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CA DADS Plus for CICS HPO EXCI high performance option required generic RDO connection entries.


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CA DADS Plus for CICS supports two High Performance Options that expedite batch request processing by eliminating the wait times that normally occur when batch requests wait for the DADB CICS transaction to be scheduled.

The HPO options are HPO=EXCI and HPO=MODIFY.

The performance benefit of both of these options is they immediately start the Batch Interface online scan process (DADB) from the batch job.

The default batch interface uses the DADB SCAN= parameter (default 30 seconds) to process batch requests.

The HPO=EXCI uses the external CICS interface to immediately start the batch interface scan process (DADB).

RDO CONNECTION and SESSIONS resources definitions are required when using the CICS EXCI connection.


The CA DADS Plus for CICS HPO=EXCI requirements are listed in the User Guide chapter Batch Interface - Dynamic Allocation.

4. CICS Requirements:

Must be at CICS 4.1 or greater.
Must have the External CICS Interface installed and operational.
This means that the CICS region must include support for the MRO facility of the CICS Interregional Communication Facility,
and have the CONNECTION and SESSIONS resource definitions required for CICS EXCI communication defined in the CICS region.
CA DADS Plus for CICS utilizes a GENERIC EXCI connection. See the IBM CICS External Interfaces Guide for more information on defining the External CICS Interface to CICS.

In the RDO display of the connection below the CONNTYPE is Generic.

CONNECTION PROPERTIESACcessmethod ==> IRc                Vtam | IRc | INdirect | XmPRotocol     ==> Exci               Appc | Lu61 | ExciConntype     ==> Generic            Generic | Specific

If a SPECIFIC connection (Conntype) is defined and HPO=EXCI will not immediately start the Batch Interface batch job.

Batch jobs will default to the DADB SCAN= value specified on the APPLID record.


Component: DADSPL