r12.0 SP4: Can I search one single 'View' using any search filter I like?
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r12.0 SP4: Can I search one single 'View' using any search filter I like?


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In r12.0 SP4, there has been an enhancement to the 'Views' functionality that enables a user to query one single 'View' using any search filter that is required.


In previous Service Packs of r12.0 CA Directory, the initial search filter attribute that is used to query a view was hard coded into the 'View' configuration itself. This was not practical for some implementations.

The enhancement to 'Views' provided in r12.0 Service Pack 4 is to add a new filter type called "from-client".

When specified, this means that the LDAP client application can query the same view using completely different search filters.

Configuring a View

The following is a very simple view configuration that illustrates the use of the new filter.

  set view "UserID" = {
  description = "Display list of channels for a given MACAddress"
  entry = <c AU><o Views><cn "UserID">
  (   phase = 1
      subtree = "o=Democorp,c=AU"
      filter = from-client

The above view is triggered when the virtual entry "cn=UserID, o=Views, c=AU" is searched.

The search filter supplied in the search operation will be used in the first phase of the 'View' search.

Testing a View

Submitting the DXsearch operation

  dxsearch -h aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd -p 20389 -s sub -b "cn=UserID,o=Views,c=AU" "(sn=Hanlen)"

Searches the virtual entry " cn=UserID, o=Views, c=AU ", and uses a search filter of " sn=Hanlen"

This results in the views configuration launching and searching the " o=Democorp,c=AU " subtree for " sn=Hanlen"

which displays the following output.

  # extended LDIF
  # LDAPv3
  # base <cn=UserID,o=Views,c=AU> with scope subtree
  # filter: (sn=Hanlen)
  # requesting: ALL
  # Candace Hanlen, Users, Democorp, AU
  dn: cn=Candace Hanlen,ou=Users,o=Democorp,c=AU
  cn: Candace Hanlen
  objectClass: inetOrgPerson
  objectClass: organizationalPerson
  objectClass: person
  objectClass: top
  sn: Hanlen
  dxSizeLimit: 11

To confirm that the DSA is processing the view correctly, tracing the DSA with "trace=all;" debug tracing shows the following:

  ! [52] Performing phase '1' view search subtree 'o=Democorp,c=AU' for view 'UserID'
  ! [52] 
  > [52] <- #1 CONSOLE SEARCH-REQ
  > [52]  invoke-id = 2   credit = 5
  > [52]     Base object:
  > [52]         <countryName "AU">
  > [52]         <organizationName "Democorp">
  > [52]     Search subset: Whole subtree
  > [52]     Filter:
  > [52]         surname = "Hanlen"
  > [52]  flags = IDU_FLAGS_VIEWS


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