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Why are transfers receiving message XCOMM0192E INVALID TPN RECEIVED ? XCOMSEND/XCOMRECV?


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Problem: Transfers are failing with message XCOMM0192E INVALID TPN RECEIVED ? XCOMSEND/XCOMRECV.

Environment: XCOM r11.5

Cause: The message is caused when VERSION=1 is specified in a destination member in your CBXGPARM(XCOMCNTL) library, DFLTVER=1 is defined in the XCOMDFLT or on the PARM= card of your TYPE=EXECUTE transfers.


Message XCOMM0192E INVALID TPN RECEIVED ? XCOMSEND/XCOMRECV is indicating that the transfer is using the VERSION=1 Transaction Programs, which are LUSEND and LURECV. These are very old TP's that do not support all of the features that CA XCOM offers, such as checkpoint/restart.

VERSION=2 TP's, which are XCOMSEND and XCOMRECV, are the current TP's and they support what the old TP's support plus everything else that CA XCOM offers. These are the TP's that should be used for your transfers.

To correct the message you want to:

  1. Make sure parameter DFLTVER=2 is set in your XCOMDFLT.
  2. Review all of the destination members you have defined in the CBXGPARM(XCOMCNTL) library for VERSION=1 and change it to VERSION=2. You can also remove the parameter and let it default to the value specified for DFLTVER= in your XCOMDFLT.
  3. Review the PARM= of your TYPE=EXECUTE JCL for DFLTVER=, change or remove it from the PARM card.


Release: ESBXCM99000-11.5-CA-XCOM Data Transport-Extended Support Basic