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Clarity: PMO Project Manager Schedule Dashboard Portlet - What criteria is needed for projects to appear?


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I have two identical projects, both were created from the same template and yet only one of the projects is appearing on the Project Manager Schedule Dashboard. What is the criteria that is needed for a project to appear on this portlet?


The Project Manager Schedule Dashboard portlet is available with the installation of the PMO Accelerator. This portlet is found from the Overview > Project Dashboard tab.

We identified the missing project had a parent project. Once the parent project was removed, the project appeared on the portlet.

Required criteria for projects to appear:

  1. The end-user must be the manager of the project or have security access to view the project
  2. The project must NOT be a Template
  3. The project must NOT be a Program
  4. The project must be Active
  5. The project must have Tasks
  6. The project must NOT be a child on a Master Project or Program
    Go to the Project > Hierarchy > Parents page to verify

If the following optional data exists, it can appear in the portlet:

  1. Project Baselines
  2. Resource Task Assignments
  3. Task Rates (retrieved from the Rate Matrix Extraction tables)
  4. Task Charge Codes
  5. Financial transactions posted to WIP
  6. OBS Units

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus