Can I opt out of receiving the new "item number is xxxx" text string that is added to email notifications?


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CA Automation Point


- NM CALLING - This is item number 1050 - SYSA VOIPAGE V 9194141254 DPACICS1 JCLERROR BILL_BOGGS PNL 9195054140 

Can i opt out of getting the "item number1050" message when i send an email notification?

It is messing with the parsing on my email server for auto ticketing.. 

Cant find option to discontinue message item number inclusion. 


This "item number xxxx" text was added to some of the REXX programs that we distribute with the product which are called by the NMFIND rexx program when you send a notification of some kind (page, email, etc). 


Release: AP327020100-11.5-Automation Point-3270/5250 Interface Option


Because you are trying to send an email notification, to remove this text for a notification, you would need to modify your %AP_HOME%\Distrib\NMMAIL.REX program to remove the code that inserts this text string into the notification, and then place the edited copy of NMMAIL.REX in your %AP_SITE%\MyFiles\Rexx directory to override the one we distribute and store in %AP_HOME%\Distrib. 

Alternatively, you can modify your parsing solution on the email-server so that it recognizes and processes this text as part of the notification.