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Units Missing in Cost Plan If Rate Matrix Uses "Middle of Month" dates (v12 issue)


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Clarity PPM On Premise


If matching rows from the rate matrix don't start and end on the first and last day of calendar months, the units from this task assignment will be less than the total ETC+Actual when cost plan is populated from assignments.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. create a new charge code 'cc1'
  2. create an entity, create and activate Monthly fiscal time periods for 2010 using standard calendar months
  3. create a matrix "M", with Charge Code column added
  4. add a row to the matrix, From Date Jan-1-1990, To Date Jun-25-2010, charge code is 'cc1', set cost and rate to any amount
  5. add a second row to the matrix, From Date Jun-26-2010, To Date Dec-31-2010, charge code is 'cc1', set cost and rate to any amount
  6. create a new project 'Test Project A', Start Date Jan-1-2010, Finish Date Dec-31-2010
  7. on the Financial page populate the Department field with a department from the entity created; add rate matrix 'M' to the rate matrix fields, Save.
  8. add a resource to the staff list
  9. create a new task 'Test Task'. Start Date is Jun-21-2010, Finish Date is Jun-25-2010, charge code is 'cc1'.
  10. assign the resource to this task, with the same start and finish dates as the task itself, set ETC to 40, Save.
  11. create a new cost plan using New From Resource Plan with the following properties:

    • by Assignments;
    • use Monthly period type;
    • Group by Charge Code;
    • Start and end date should be wide enough to cover the whole month of June 2010

  12. check the units shown for June 2010 in the cost plan detail page

Expected Result: There are 40 units in June 2010
Actual Result: There are only 32 units in June 2010


Release: Clarity 12.0.2, 12.1
Component: Clarity Financials


Resolved in Clarity 12.0.6 Generic Patch, Clarity 12.1.0 Generic Patch and 12.1.1


  1. Change the existing matrix row (#3 in screenshot) to start on 06/27/2010 (do this row first)
  2. Change the existing matrix row (#1 in screenshot) to end on 06/26/2010
  3. Repopulate the Cost Plan from Project Plan



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