CAS9208E - CA-ENF DB: Unable to build data record.


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This message is usually accompanied by a CAS9303E message referencing a specific event name and database error. Here is an example:

CAS9303E - Event CA7LOG no longer recorded due to DB error 0016
CAS9208E - CA-ENF DB: Unable to build data record.

In this example, the problem is likely a result of the CA7LOG event containing a data element that is not defined as a CA-ENF Data element. The CA-ENF data elements are distributed within the base ENF DCM - CAS9DCM0. The data element in question is likely to be "enfuniq". This can occur if the ENF database was not updated to contain the current information from CAS9DCM0, but a current version of a CA Product DCM was installed into the ENF database.


First verfiy that ENF fix QO88354 is installed on your system. This fix updates the CAS9DCM0 DCM module. If this is not installed, please download this fix and install it. Once installed, follow these steps...

  1. Shutdown tasks relying on ENF for events.

  2. Issue ENF command 'F ENF,PURGE(event_name)' to purge any currently recorded events from the ENF database, where event_name is the event taken form the generated CAS9303E message.

  3. Shutdown ENF

  4. Run the CAS9DB utility to INSTALL the base ENF DCM with the REPLACE option
    //DBIN DD *

    *Note: Make sure the utility is picking up the current/updated CAS9DCM0
    load module either from STEPLIB or LINKLIST
  5. Run the CAS9DB utility to List the updated ENF database to ensure that the "enfuniq" is found as a defined CA-ENF Data Element.

  6. Restart ENF and any previously shutdown tasks.

  7. Verify whether originally reported problem is resolved.


Component: ENF