SMX000014 error during install on Linux
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SMX000014 error during install on Linux


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On Unix/Linux Machine, installation of ITCM Agent is failing at beginning with error like this :


# ./installdsm 

Preparing interactive install, please wait... 

SMX000014The system platform "Linux" and the product platform "linux" do not match. 

Reason:The product contains a platform specification that does not match the system platform. The platform specification of the product is compared to the system specification (uname -s) and to the list of synonyms (osconv.ini file). 

Action:If you want to install the product on the system, you must either repackage it with the correct platform specification or add the platform specification to the osconv.ini file. 

CA ITCM interactive install: 'sh PifInst' failed with code 14



<Please see attached file for image>






Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence


This problem could occur if file /opt/CA/SharedComponents/installer/conf/osconv.ini is missing or corrupted


Copy the file /opt/CA/SharedComponents/installer/conf/osconv.ini from another machine (which has the ITCM Agent already installed).


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