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Fault-tolerant database synchronization fails between Primary and Secondary SpectroSERVER.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps



There can be situations where the Online backup on the primary server goes fine and the synchronization of the database to the secondary server fails with the following error:

Error: "Failed to get remote VNM ticket in CsFTDbSynchronizer::start_remote_rcpd().Please verify that the remote process daemon is configured properly. Fault-tolerant database synchronization has FAILED."




In this situation there can be possibility that the manual sending and receiving of db from primary to secondary works using the below commands:

On the primary server from the <SPECROOT>/SS-Tools directory:

  • ./rcpd.exe send -h <secondary host name> -f <db file>

On the secondary server <SPECROOT>/SS-Tools directory:

  • ./rcpd.exe -recv -f <db file>

But still the online synchronization fails even if the fault tolerance environment is set up properly. In order to resolve this keep "+" in the .hostrc file on both the primary and secondary SpectroSERVERs. This will allow for the fault tolerance db synchronization.

If other SpectroSERVERs are on the same subnet (I.E. test servers) then it is recommended to not set "+" in the .hostrc as this will allow CORBA communications between these servers and you should use hostnames of the servers involved in the SpectroSERVER environment.