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Timesheets don't appear on Timesheet Detail report if time slice request id 2 is not configured correctly.


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If the time slice request id 2 on the Time Slice Management page (Log into Clarity with an administrator account. Click on the admin tool (wrench icon). Click on the Time Slices link.) does not have enough number of periods, then not all timesheets given in the Timesheet Detail Report date range, will appear on the report. For example, if you have timesheets for the same resource with a date range of 10/3/2010 to 10/17/2010 (10/3/2010 to 10/9/2010; 10/10/2010 to 10/16/2010; and 10/17/2010 to 10/23/2010 time periods of timesheets in question). Let's say that the time slice request id 2 has a from date of 9/4/2009 and number of periods is set to 400 (because this is a daily slice request, that would make it 1 year and 1 month worth of data in this time slice request). The date range of actuals from posted timesheets would be 9/4/2009 to 10/9/2010. This means that the last 2 posted timesheets would not appear on the Timesheet Detail Report because the time slice request id doesn't have enough number of periods to cover date range of posted timesheets.


Increase the number of periods for time slice request id 2. I would also recommend changing the From Date so that it is set to the first of the current month 1 year in the past. For example, today's date is 10/27/2010, and then set the From Date on the time slice request id 2 to 10/1/2009 and number of periods should be set to 400. This will give you 1 year of actuals in the past and 1 current month of actuals. This is how we recommend that you configure the time slice id 2 (DAILYRESOURCEACTCURVE).


Release: NCSVCS05900-8.1-Clarity-Service Connect-for MS-SQL