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The Domain Manager has changed to a new server name and IP address. What needs to be done to implement this change?


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A new Domain Manager has been created which replaces the old Domain Manager. What needs to be done to ensure the transition is smooth?


If there are agents that report to the Domain Manager directly (no separate Scalability Server in between), the following commands have to be run on the agents:

caf setserveraddress <new domain manager>
caf register all

No action has to be taken on the agents which report to a Scalability Server.

All the Scalability Servers need to register to the new Domain Manager:

  1. cserver config -h <Fully Qualified Domain Name of the new DM>
  2. cserver register -a
  3. caf register all
  4. caf stop
  5. caf start

Depending on the amount of information that needs to be moved, this may take a while.

To make the Domain Manager aware of all the packages that are already staged on the Scalability Servers, you need to deploy the activation procedure "Synchronize Software Staging Library" (which is part of the CA Unicenter DSM Scalability Server package) to the Scalability Servers.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence