What are the considerations and changes required when renaming the Alchemist HLQ (high level qualifiers) or data set names for all files (TFILEs, REQUEST, ZCL, etc)?


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On rare occasions customers have had to move their Alchemist system to another LPAR. If this includes a requirement to change data set names (DSNs), this document outlines the considerations and steps to take.


NOTE: The following assumes that you are not using Alchemist/DS (z/OS Distributed Services). With DS, there will be additional considerations regarding the DCL, NCL and remote target libraries. DS is not covered in this document.

To move their Alchemist system to another LPAR:

  • Ensure there are no change requests in progress when you make this move and no delayed or waiting requests that might start when Alchemist is first activated after the move.

  • Delete all of the @members from the TFILES so that backouts after the move are rebuilt from ETDs rather than the "fast restore" method. It is assumed that all of the files will be backed up as part of the move exercise, but if you are going to do this ahead of the move, you should ideally back up the target libraries first, so that the backup copies still have the @ members.

  • Search PCL for any hardcoded Data Set Names (DSNs) or High Level Qualifiers (HLQs). (For PCL members that reside in Alchemist zones, checkout the PCL members prior to the move, and then implement the revised versions after the move as per #3 below)

  • Change PARMLIB to specify new PREFIX. If a new SVC number is also required, make that change in PARMLIB.

  • Revise ETDs to point to new TFILE naming conventions. (Checkout the ETD source code for each zone prior to the move, and then implement the revised versions after the move as stated in #2 below)

After starting Alchemist on the new site for the first time:

  1. Update/Verify System Configuration:

    1. Data-set Allocation Parameters (perhaps PREFIX from JCL will be sufficient)
    2. Global System PCL Libraries
    3. Sysout Class Assignments (Reassemble SCFICO if changing the JES SYSOUT class.)

  2. Implement new ETDs

  3. Check-in any revised PCL members


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