What changes need to be made in order for UAMS to use RLS?
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What changes need to be made in order for UAMS to use RLS?


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There are several changes required for the UAMS file to use RLS.



Component: NMSNA



To enable UAMS for RLS:

  1. Ensure that VSAM RLS processing is available in your parallel sysplex.

  2. Ensure that the data set is SMS managed and that the Log(NONE) parameter was specified in the DEFINE CLUSTER or ALTER CLUSTER command for the data set.

  3. Specify a cache set on the storage class, and make sure that at least one of the associated CF cache structures is available.

    Your storage administrator should be able to assist you in selecting the proper storage class for RLS support.

  4. Set the RLS VSAM Option for your UAMS data set by specifying JCL parameter XOPT=RLSU in your region's RUNSYSIN member.

This needs to be done on ALL regions that will share the UAMS file.