VM:Tape messages VMTHSC697E and VMTHSC721E at initialization.
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VM:Tape messages VMTHSC697E and VMTHSC721E at initialization.


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We are receiving messages VMTHSC697E and VMTHSC721E messages at initialization.
VMTHSC697E HSC server STKACS ACSRQ=DEFSCR RC=16 Reason=00001004.
VMTHSC721E HSC scratch pool initialization failed.
Should we be concerned with these 'E' type messages?


These messages don't necessarily indicate a problem. Pools can be defined by either VM:Tape or STKACS, and in this instance, STKACS had already defined them.

The messages you are seeing are intended to be displayed. When the messages are displayed, usually at VM:Tape initialization, they inform you that VM:Tape attempted to send scratch pool definitions over to the HSC server but the call failed because the scratch pool definitions were previously set. The only way to redefine the scratch pools to the HSC server is to recycle the server. The definitions can only be set/changed after the server has been recycled.

The reason the messages are displayed is to let you know the command failed.
This would be important to know in the case where you redefined your scratch pools to VM:Tape and recycled VM:Tape, but did not recycle the HSC server. For VM:Tape to establish the updated scratch pool definitions you MUST recycle the HSC server, then bring M:Tape up.


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