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An overview of NSQL's and its use in Clarity


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NSQL queries are read-only operations; they do not change data, they only retrieve it.

Only SELECT statements that specify which rows and columns to fetch from one or more tables are permitted. NSQL statements will fail with an error message if a statement does not start with SELECT. This means that UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE operations cannot be performed in NSQL. NSQL should not used for reporting or for stored procedures.

Anything in the database can be used to call stored procedures.


When you define an NSQL query, you will identify the query segments and then designate them as metric values, dimensions, dimension properties, or parameters.

With NSQL, you can access data in the Clarity database and create queries in Studio and use them to create new portlets. Since queries are not directly associated with a single portlet, the same query can be used to produce multiple portlets.


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