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How to compile workpoint client code using workpoint APIs in Identity Manager 12.5 and workpoint 3.4.2?


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Workpoint 3.4.2 has repackaged its 'Common' package into wpCommon.jar . This java package used to be part of the wpClient.jar but has moved. Therefore you need to include the new wpCommon.jar in your classpath to successfully compile your client code using the workpoint APIs. The wpCommon.jar is found under: Workpoint\Lib.


Customers might run into problems compiling or recompiling workpoint client code using the workpoint APIs with Identity Manager 12.5. You might run into compilation errors such as: package does not exist
                                 ^ package does not exist

Identity Manager 12.5 is utilizing workpoint 3.4.2. This version of workpoint has moved the 'common' package from wpClient.jar to wpCommon.jar. The new wpCommon.jar is located under Workpoint\Lib folder. You need to make sure to include the new jar file in your project's class path to get to compile or recompile your code.


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