Jobs Status AGENTDOWN After Agent IP Address Change


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)



After Agent IP Address change, the CA Workload Automation (CAWA) Server could not communicate with the Agent and jobs status reported AGENTDOWN


Generally, job in AGENTDOWN status indicates that the CA Workload Automation (CAWA) Server and Agent could not communicate with each other and therefore, job cannot be submitted to the Agent.

There could be several reasons why the CAWA Server and Agent cannot communicate among others;

  • CAWA Server cannot establish connection to the Agent due to firewall or DNS name resolution problem.

  • Agent is not running.

  • Mismatch Agent definition in CAWA Server topology and Agent parameter configuration.

Another possibility to note is if the Agent IP address is changed, then the CAWA Server lost the ability to communicate with the Agent and server tracelog reported exceptions as below;

Exception caught sending to agent: The conversation is unable to connect to partner <AGENT NAME>:<AGENT PORT>.
The exception is Connection timed out: could be due to invalid address.

The reason is that the Agent IP Address cache is on the CAWA Server java side. In order to resolve the problem, restart the CAWA Server to remove the cache that holds the old IP Address.


Component: DSRIES