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Error message %CACM_E_026 displayed in the NSM Event Console log in January


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Compress Data Compression for MVS Compress Data Compression for Fujitsu Unicenter Job Management Option CA Unicenter NSM



When fixed year calendars are defined in any Jobset or Job criteria profile, you may get error: "%CACM_E_026, Specified Calendar (xxxxx) not found during update request" in January.


When using holiday calendars, JMO has the capability to schedule jobs based on various extended criteria.
Sometimes, the calendar component has to look back to a certain number of days which might fall into December calendar of the previous year.
If for whatever reason, all the fixed year calendars of the previous year are deleted in January, you'll get this error message:

%CACM_E_026, Specified Calendar (xxxxx) not found during update request

This can only happen when using fixed year calendars.

Solution is to keep in place all the calendars of the previous year this the 1st February


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.1-Management-for Microsoft Exchange