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How to configure the TILL/TICM and TISL listeners in a CICS Complex environment using TOR/FOR/AORs.


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Example: There are 2 terminal owning regions (TOR1 and TOR2) and 2 application owning regions (AOR1 and AOR2). Each TOR has the TILL/TICM defined. The TICMs can start servers in both AORs. Since the TIRSDTNZ exit is now a dll, only on version is defined in each region.

If the TICM in TOR1 uses SDT1 and the TICM in TOR2 uses SDT2, how will the servers in AOR1 and AOR2 know which SDT to use since the TIRSDTNZ exit is now a dll and only one copy of it can be in a region? How should the SDTs be configured in this environment?


  • Define TILL/TICM in TOR
  • Define TISL in TOR
  • Define global shared SDT's in FOR

The other option is to use the TISL instead of the TILL which would eliminate the need for the SDT files.

Note: Every TICM does not need to have it's own set of SDT files. The TICMs can share SDT files. We recommend that the SDT files be put in a FOR region for all TICM and servers to use.


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