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How do I deploy CA LDAP Server for z/OS from one system to another without having CA MSM available?


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CA MSM is the preferred mechanism to install and deploy CA LDAP Server for z/OS. If you are unable to use it for this function you can install CA LDAP Server on one system and then copy the directories to another system using the pax command.


To copy the install directory and any sub-directories use the Unix System Services pax command as follows on your originating system enter OMVS in TSO.

mkdir -m 777 /usr/lpp/test              (this will create a directory that will contain the pax file archive)
cd /usr/lpp/caldapr14                   (change directory to the directory where CA LDAP Server for z/OS is installed)
pax -w -f /usr/lpp/test/archive.pax *   (issue the pax command to archive  /usr/lpp/caldapr14 and all its sub-directories)

This will pax everything in /usr/lpp/caldapr14 and put it into a binary file called archive.pax in directory /usr/lpp/test

On the remote system create a directory that will be the install directory for CA LDAP Server.

mkdir -m 755 /usr/lpp/caldapr14

Then ftp the file from your local system to your remote system in binary into /usr/lpp/caldapr14/archive.pax

Then go into omvs on the remote system and enter the following commands:

cd /usr/lpp/caldapr14         (change directory to the directory where CA LDAP Server for z/OS will be installed)
pax -rvf archive.pax          (this will unpax the ftp'd file into  /usr/lpp/caldapr14)

The original directory and its subdirectories will be unpaxed.


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