The CA-Unicenter Severity propagation service fails at server boot
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The CA-Unicenter Severity propagation service fails at server boot


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CA Unicenter NSM



Environment: windows 2008 sp2 64bits, MS Sql 2008 
                      All Unicenter NSM installed EM, COR, Worldview, DSM, Agents system and log

After a System reboot you may notice that it not possible to open the MCC / topologies frame. You may also notice:

  1. That the "CA Unicenter Severity propagation service" is not loaded correctly, from the Windows event viewer you can see the error message

    "Cannot connect to the CAMDB. The Severity Propagation Engine cannot initialize. Terminating..."

  2. Recycling the "CA Unicenter Severity propagation services" solves the problem.

The problem may well be that the service "CA Unicenter Severity propagation" is started automatically before service MSSQL is completely initialized.


Define the Service as "delayed auto-start":

it will be started shortly after the system has booted.

To set this for a particular service, open up the Services console by clicking on Start \ Administrative Tools \
Services (or by typing services into the start menu search box and clicking on Services in the search results).

Once you have the Services console open, double click on a service that you want to delay starting,
and in the properties window, click on the drop down arrow next to Startup type: Select Automatic (Delayed Start) and click OK.

Repeat for any addition services that you want delayed during Windows boot, making sure you're careful with the service selection.

Because CA Unicenter Business Process View Management depends on the Service CA WorldView Severity Propagation Service, you need to set both these services in Automatic (Delayed Start).


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.2-Management-for Microsoft Exchange