What is the cause of CAS2030E and CAS2032E error messages at IPL?


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We installed the latest release of CA ACF2. On the first IPL of the system we got these error messages:

*CAS2030E CA SAF interface initialization--load failed for module SAFRTRLD
*CAS2032E CA SAF interface initialization failed

The CA ACF2 Messages manual states that we should contact CA ACF2 Customer Support. What is the likely cause of this problem?


The usual causes for a CAS2030E message are:

  1. The CAILIB/CAILOAD library not being included in the LNKLST concatenation (included near top of list), or

  2. The CAILIB/CAILOAD library not being APF authorized, or

  3. The CAILIB/CAILOAD library going into multiple extents, or

  4. Aliases were not copied when members of one load library were copied to another.

If you determine that none of these causes are applicable then it will be necessary to contact CA ACF2 Support.


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