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After upgrade getting "User does not have access to execute web services"


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After upgrade getting "User does not have access to execute web services" error for anyone other than spadmin when trying to use Web Services.

CA Service Catalog Web Services now require explicit privilege to access; how do you grant them from within Embedded Entitlements Manager.


Service Management 17.1 and later.


The permission to access the Web Service is granted through the EEM Access Policy resource 'usm_webservice__all'

To add the permission, do this:

  1. Login to EEM as EiamAdmin, with the Application set to Service Delivery

  2. Click 'Manage Access Policies'

  3. On the left-hand tree, click on 'USM_Resource', under 'Access Policies'

  4. It's at this point that the Implementation Guide is a little unclear.

    What we need to do is edit the policy your users will be using the webservice under. You probably want 'ACL_catalogenduser', but clicking on it will list the identities registered with the policy, as
    well as permissions that policy has. If you don't have any users assigned to these policies, now is the time to assign them, through here.

  5. Scroll down to 'Access Policy Configuration', and type 'usm_webservice__all' in the Add resource field before clicking the add button.

  6. Click Save to save the changes.