How can SETSSI ADD,SUBNAME=XXXX be prevented from being issued automatically at NetMaster region startup?


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NetMaster automatically issues SETSSI ADD,SUBNAME=XXXX at region startup (based on value of /PARMS group $RM OPSYSIDS, field AOM Subsystem Interface ID). Automatically issuing SETSSI ADD can cause a systems management problem at companies where z/OS subsystem interface IDs are managed (added, modified, and deleted) via z/OS PARMLIB member IEFSSNxx.


The option to override the issuing of the SETSSI command during NetMaster region startup is by setting a global variable.

To prevent the SETSSI command from being issued, follow these steps:

  1. Create member $NMPARMS in NetMaster region TESTEXEC library

  2. Add this statement to member $NMPARMS: $GLBL $RMBPSSI YES

  3. Restart region and verify SETSSI ADD,SUBNAME=XXXX was not issued


Component: NMTIP