When Configuration Items are created from a Change Order, the link between the Change Order and the Configuration Item occasionally is not established and the relationship between the 2 items does not exist.


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Occasionally, when opening a Change Order and creating a new Configuration Item, if it takes longer than 2 minutes to complete the Configuration Item edit, the CI will disappear and not get saved with the Change Order.


This behavior is related to the record locking property of the web interface, ExclLockSeconds, which limits the amount of time an individual user can have an exclusive lock on an item in Service Desk.

If a user exceeds the lock time by not saving the item being edited within the configured time period, the exclusive lock on the item is dropped, the changes made by the user are not saved, and the item is available for editing by other users.

A side effect of this is that when a configuration item (CI) is newly created whilst viewing change order (CO), if editing of the CI exceeds the lock time, the CI does not get created and therefore cannot be linked to the CO.

To lower the incidence of this problem, ExclLockSeconds can be increased above the default value of 2 minutes.

  1. Shut down Service Desk

  2. Navigate to the \$NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\ directory and edit the web.cfg file.

  3. Locate the ExclLockSeconds statement in the web.cfg file.

  4. If the statement is commented, un-comment it by removing the "!" character.

  5. Set the number of seconds to that which is needed by most users to complete the editing of a ticket.

    For example, to set the lock time to 5 minutes, include this statement:
    ExclLockSeconds 300

  6. Save the file and restart Service Desk

Note: The ExclLockSeconds setting must be shorter than the Timeout setting. ExclLockSeconds is specified in seconds and Timeout is specified in minutes.

For more information about the Record Locking Behavior in the Web Interface and about the ExclLockSeconds property, please review the relevant sections in the Service Desk Administration Guide.


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