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'The PMUser account is missing or corrupted' error when accessing Infoview or accessing Infoview Dashboards


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Occasionally if CA Business Intelligence is initially configured with a blank administrator password and then later the administrator password is changed, the following error is received when either accessing Infoview or dashboards within Infoview: The PMUser account is missing or corrupted. (EPM 03007) AA2209 Enterprise authentication could not log you on. Please make sure your logon information is correct. (FWB 00008)


This error occurs when the PMUser account is missing or has been corrupted in initialization configuration properties file.

To resolve, perform the following:

  1. Create a user in the BOXI Central Management Console with username 'testuser' and no password. Add the user to the BOXI administrator group

  2. Modify the file on the BOXI server - located in the '<BOXI install folder>\CommonReporting3\Dashboard and Analytics 12.0' directory

    Modify the file to use 'testuser' (created in step #1) as the username and the empty password

  3. Recycle ALL BOXI services via the Central Configuration Manager

  4. Login to Infoview and click Open->Dashboard and Analytics setup

  5. Click the 'System User' link under 'System Setup'

  6. In the initialization user section, insert username as 'administrator' and insert the BOXI administrator password in password field and click apply.

  7. Login to the BOXI Central Management Console as the BOXI administrator user.

  8. Delete the testuser user created in step #1

  9. Verify that the 'PMUser' error no longer occurs when accessing Infoview.


Component: SDBOXI