NPC: Views load slowly when accessing a Distributed eHealth Console
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NPC: Views load slowly when accessing a Distributed eHealth Console


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CA eHealth



After installing the eHealth/NPC integration and adding the Distributed eHealth Console as a data source, a single element view takes twenty minutes to load. If the Distributed eHealth Console is removed as a data source and the Distributed eHealth Poller that the element is homed on is added, the same view loads in less than a minute.


With the Distributed eHealth Console added as the data source, enable advanced logging for the admin user from the eHealth web administration page. Reproduce the problem. Disable the advanced logging and check the file:

to see if the majority of the time which would account for the long view load is spent in the getDataSources function from where it is called to where it exits with an X:
(between this line: "dataSourcesMap:"
and this:

Example from an axis2_dbg.log file exhibiting the issue:

2011/01/24 03:35:40:380> getDataSources: machine name=<name> port=80 protocol=http user=admin encPass=<string>       
2011/01/24 03:35:40:381> dataSourcesMap: {<<name>[email protected],
<name>[email protected], 
<name>[email protected]<user>,
<name>[email protected]}      
2011/01/24 03:35:40:381> X:IntegrationWSDataSourceHandler::getDataSources()  
2011/01/24 03:50:39:564> responses.size = 2  
2011/01/24 03:50:39:564> QueryTable 0 :column size = 1  
2011/01/24 03:50:39:564> Column 0: DateTime : string  

nhListClusterMembers will give a list of all eHealth cluster systems. To resolve the issue, make sure that eHealth and it's web server are up and functioning on all of the eHealth cluster systems. If you have eHealth cluster systems which are returned by the nhListClusterMembers command that are down, remove them from the eHealth cluster with the nhRemoveClusterMember command. They can be added back in later when they are functioning with the nhRestoreClusterMember command. Rerun the NPC view and it should now load in a reasonable time.


Component: EHWEB